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Feldenkrais Group Lesson Brussels

(currently suspended)

In relation to the health measures in force, we have decided to suspend the face-to-face group lessons until further notice. You can still take group lessons by Zoom.

The group lessons are called Awareness Through Movement™ (ATM).

During these lessons the teacher leads the students with his voice, giving verbal suggestions for movement exploration, most of the time lying on the floor, but not always.

The teacher guides the attention of the students and lets them discover how different parts of themselves relate to each other in the proposed movement.

To ensure the quality of the learning process, the teacher will suggest very often to reduce effort, reduce amplitude and slow down. In doing so, he helps to increase the student’s sensitivity to very small changes in the muscular tonus and the general quality of the movement, which will lead to better learning by allowing the nervous system to choose the most comfortable option.

One lesson is about 45 to 60 mins long.

No lessons during school holidays.

Cours de groupe
Feldenkrais Private Lesson Brussels


In Brussels 1000, Dansaert district.

Individual lessons are called Functional Integration (FI).

FI is a hands-on teaching method in which the practitioner guides the student to feel and explore different kinds of movement with his hands. FI lessons are tailored to answer the student's specific needs. Most of the time the teacher will help the student clarify what he/she already does, his/her movement preferences and attitudes. Then the teacher will eventually propose new alternatives, new ways of moving that allow a more efficient self-organisation, and a greater ease in general behaviour.


A new sense of ease and improvement is generally felt immediately after the lesson and usually the new learned patterns of movement will spontaneously emerge (without conscious control) during the days or weeks that folloz.


Allow for one and a half hours for the first lesson, and the other ones should take about 45 to 60 minutes.

Leçons individuelles
Cours par Zoom

Weekly lessons by ZOOM


These courses are open to everyone on a "Pay-What-You-Can" basis.

To find out what or how to give back scroll down.

All hours are CET (Brussels, Paris, Madrid).

Check out our tips for online or video lessons.

Cours en français: vendredi 9h-10h15

Lesson in English: Friday 20h30-21h45


To register please click HERE


What do I understand by "Pay-What-You-Can"?

  • PWYC is NOT FREE, it's freedom.

  • The learning of inner authority begins with YOU deciding how much you can give back after the lesson.

  • It's based on TRUST, I assume you will give back according to your means, and according to what you get from the lesson.

  • It is a way to distribute the efforts proportionally among every participant: you can give more (if you want), to support the project and allow others who can pay less to follow these lessons.

  • For my part, PWYC also means that I do not ask you for anything else in return and your data will not be used for marketing purposes.
    You can of course always ask to be kept informed of activities and courses, or "follow" us on Facebook.

How to give something back?

  • The easiest way, if you live in Europe, is to make a bank transfer (see footer for bank details).
    Please put your NAME and DATE of the class you followed in the communication. You can pay after each class or every X classes.

    To give you an idea, the prices of a group class vary between 10 € and 20 € depending on the city and the teachers.


  • If you don't have a European bank account you can use this link: to pay at least 5€ (PayPal has fees). You can always pay one time for several lessons.

  • If you can't give anything right now, that's fine too.

  • If you would rather give something other than money, Contact Me to talk about it.

  • Speak around you and share the information. I believe the most ethical advertising is "word of mouth".

  • Do you have ideas to make the Method more visible? Contact me to share your ideas.

Prix libre et conscient
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