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Feldenkrais Group Lesson Brussels



3 Rue d'Irlande, 1060 Saint-Gilles.

Warning: The studio is on a 1st floor with no lift, if you have difficulties walking up that many stairs we recommend you start with individual lessons (which are given on a ground floor).

The group lessons are called Awareness Through Movement™ (ATM).

During these lessons the teacher leads the students with his voice, giving verbal suggestions for movement exploration, most of the time lying on the floor, but not always.

The teacher guides the attention of the students and lets them discover how different parts of themselves relate to each other in the proposed movement.

To ensure the quality of the learning process, the teacher will suggest very often to reduce effort, reduce amplitude and slow down. In doing so, he helps to increase the student’s sensitivity to very small changes in the muscular tonus and the general quality of the movement, which will lead to better learning by allowing the nervous system to choose the most comfortable option.

One lesson is about 45 to 60 mins long.

No lessons during school holidays.

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