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Workshops for musicians: practical information.

Veuillez noter que les ateliers sont donnés en anglais avec traduction au français, si nécessaire

Where ?

At VDH Studio, 8 Rue des Pierres, 1000 Bruxelles.

Near Central Station and Bourse.


When ?

Workshops will be given once a month on Friday morning, from 09:30 till 13:00.

If there is a general preference, then the hours can be 10:00 till 13:30.

Please arrive 5 minutes before the starting time. If you need to change clothes, then please add an extra 5 minutes.

See all the dates here.



Please wear comfortable clothes, warm clothes when the weather is cold (the body temperature tends to lower with the practice of Feldenkrais).



There is no instrument in the studio, it is located on a 3rd floor with only stairs (there is no elevator). You are invited to bring only instruments that you can carry yourself without help.


  • One Workshop: 50€//40€ students*

  • 10 Workshops Cycle: 450€//360€ students* - one individual lesson included.


We invite you to come to the first two sessions before you decide to engage for the 10 Workshops. You will pay One Workshop price for each session and if you decide to go for the full package, what you already paid will be deducted from the total.

After the 3rd session, this option will be no longer available.


* Music students in an Academy preparing to enter a superior Conservatory or full-time students in a Conservatory.

Informations pratiques musiciens: Bienvenue

10 Workshops Cycle: if I miss a session?

When you engage for the 10 sessions and on one date you cannot make it, we offer to replace the missed session with an individual Feldenkrais lesson. This offer is valid only once.


If you have to miss more sessions, then there can be a refund only if you find another musician to take your place for the missed sessions. This other musician will have to pay One Workshop price for each session he/she will follow.

If you miss 3 Workshops, then you will have paid exactly the same as paying for one Workshop at a time (7 Workshops plus 2 individual lessons, full price). Please do the math(s)!

Date changes

We can reschedule a workshop only after checking the availability of each participant and of the studio on the new date.

If the teacher is ill or there is an unforeseen event, then you will be contacted as soon as possible and another date will be organised using Doodle.

If no date can be found, you can choose to be refunded OR have an individual lesson instead.

All the dates 2019-2020

1- September: Friday 27th COMPLETE

2- October: Friday 25th

3- November: Friday 22nd

4- December: Friday 20th

5- January: Friday 24th

6- February: Friday 21st

7- March: Friday 27th

8- April: Friday 24th

9- May: Friday 15th

10- June: Friday 19th

Informations pratiques musiciens: Bienvenue
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